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NCBD Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

Short Description:


Width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
4 blade 6 scorers, 5 blades 8 scorers.

can store 999 orders for a single non-stop automatically or manually for a order.
for a single fast 3-8 seconds for a single time, the two machines can be achieved with no slow down immediately for a single.
automatic tracking production line speeds, ensure their synchronization.
imports of high-quality and high-performance industrial computer programmable controller configuration, lower computer control system.
three kinds of pressure line forms: convex on concave (three lines), convex on the concave (five lines), convex on the flat, all three pressure lines can form an electric conversion. Creasing wheel depth by computer control, linear, easy to bend.
The thin tungsten steel alloy blade, blade sharp, long life of more than 8 million meters.
Brothers is computer-controlled, automatic or manual knife sharpener, you can trim the edge of the Brothers, improve production efficiency.
imported synchronous drive unit, semi-precision, long life, low noise operation.


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Structural features

The synchronous servo motor controls the cutter arrangement and wire arrangement. Automatic reset. Precise size. The change time is 3-8 seconds. When the two machines are used together, the order can be changed
immediately without decreasing speed. Store 999 groups of orders to realize automatic or manual order change without stopping the machine.

The Schneider m258 PLC control system adopts CANopen bus system, has order management function, and is equipped with the speed synchronization signal input interface with the dryer.

The human-computer interface adopts 10.4-inch color touch screen, which stores 999 groups of orders, realizes automatic order change or manual order change, and automatic fault alarm.

There are three kinds of wire pressing forms: convex to concave (three-layer line), convex to concave (five layer line), and convex to flat. The three kinds of wire pressing forms can be electrically converted. The depth of the thread pressing wheel can be controlled automatically by computer, with good alignment and easy bending.

It adopts thin tungsten steel alloy knife with sharp blade and service life of more than 8 million long meters.

The tool grinding is controlled by computer, automatic or manual. It can be used for cutting and sharpening to improve production efficiency.

The imported synchronous driving device has accurate precision, long service life and low noise.

Technical parameters

Working width  1400-2500mm
Design speed  150m / min
Effective width 1800mm                       
Design speed  180 m / min                 
Operation direction left or rightDetermined in accordance with customer plant
Mechanical configuration Zero pressure line thin blade slitter scorer 6 knives 10 lines       
Minimum cutting width  135mm                     
Cutter wheel positioning accuracy  ±0.5mm
The minimum distance between the indentation 0mm
Operation direction  left or right (determined according to customer's workshop)
Mechanical configuration  zero pressure linear computer thin knife slitting machine 5 knives 8 lines
Minimum paper cutting width  135mm
Positioning accuracy of cutter line wheel  ± 0.5mm
Minimum indentation distance  0 mm

Parameters of power motor

Tool line servo motor: 0.4KW

Wheel drive motor: 5.5kw

Wheel drive motor: 5.5kw

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